The IMR Traceability System offers you seamless product tracking along the entire value chain.

We advise you comprehensively in the planning of a traceability system and support you in the preparation of implementation documents such as requirement specification / functional specification as well as in the entire implementation including programming and delivery of the associated system components.

By using high-power lasers, labels and codings can also be applied to uneven surfaces without contact.

We manufacture and integrate individual laser marking devices for you using proven industrial products.

  • Non-contact coding by means of high-power lasers
  • Flexible coding system
  • Suitable for many materials
  • High abrasion resistance of the markings

With the help of tried and tested industrial needle and scribe embossers, we ensure tamper-resistant product marking. These procedures guarantee a marking of high quality and durability.

  • Robust mechanical coding by deep engraving
  • Suitable for metals and plastics
  • High abrasion resistance of the marking

Our product range includes both stationary and multi-dimensionally moving print head axes.

Advantages of marking with colour print heads:

  • Non-contact coding (gentle on material)
  • Also suitable for high temperatures
  • Suitable for many materials

We also produce labels with high reading reliability for very demanding environmental conditions. For example, individual codes can be applied on the basis of ink jet / ink spray technology even at high temperatures or dirty surfaces.

RFID technology enables the contactless storage and reading of individual information on an ASIC data carrier attached to the product. The tiny computer chips with antenna (transponder) can be used reliably under extreme external conditions.

  • Material-friendly coding
  • Fast dynamic reading and writing
  • Reusability of data carriers