During the assembly and completeness check, the completeness and the correct installation of individual components are checked. In addition to individual components such as screw connections, rivets, plugs, etc., it is also possible to check the position and completeness of edits such as welded seams.

Our fully automatic systems check the correct result of your assembly and processing machines. Relevant test results and quality data are made available to quality assurance.

  • Component presence check
  • Completeness check

An essential task of quality assurance is the inspection of all dimensions and tolerances.

Our camera-based inspection systems measure your articles reliably and at high speed.

The integrated software solutions offer you a fast and individual adaptation to the different product types of your production.

  • Geometry testing in general
  • Tolerance measurement 2D
  • Tolerance measurement 3D

Do the surfaces of your products meet your quality requirements?

In order to maintain high quality standards, our testing facilities test your products fatigue-free with consistent results for surface quality with regard to blowholes, inclusions, chips or scratches. Equipped with endoscopes, these can also be used for internal visual inspection.

  • Surface inspection for blowholes, inclusions, chips, scratches
  • Thread testing inside/outside
  • Individual configuration of lighting and optics
  • Technoscope/Endoscope Application

During the quality inspection of rolled strips, a continuous recording and evaluation of specified quality characteristics is carried out.

Depending on the application, this can be the cut-break ratio of the strip edges or the detection of strip breaks. The evaluation takes place in real time, so that quality defects are immediately detected during this procedure.

  • Quality of the strip edges
  • Continuous recording
  • Evaluation of quality characteristics in real time
Do the surfaces of your products meet your quality requirements?