Our goal is to provide you with an automation solution tailored to your needs. On request, we will analyse your task and prepare planning documents which clearly and individually describe the recommended implementation. We project control cabinets and switchgears with EPLAN® and supply you with circuit diagrams as well as detailed terminal and cable diagrams, schematic diagrams and bills of material.

Based on the prepared planning documents, we manufacture control cabinets, energy distributors and switchgears in our own workshop. Extensive quality checks ensure the optimal implementation of your investment and smooth integration into your production environment.

Used Automation Systems:

  • Simatic S5 / S7 / TIA / WinAC RTX
  • Simatic Distributed Control Engineering PCS7
  • Simatic Safety-PLC S7 300F / 400F
  • Schneider Electric A250 / A350 / A500
  • Schneider Electric Quantum, Momentum
  • Rockwell / Allen Bradley SLC 500
  • Automation System PROBAS
  • Automation System HPCi

Used Bus Systems:

  • Industrial Ethernet
  • Profinet
  • Profibus
  • Profisafe
  • Modbus, Sinec H1

Advantages at a glance:

  • Experienced staff, extensive practice routine
  • Analysis of existing software
  • Field-tested block concept
  • Tried and tested modernization concepts
  • Process simulation at PLC level
  • Continuous integration test
  • IBA® data recording / analysis


The clear structuring and comprehensive presentation of information is a prerequisite for the efficient use of your machines and systems.

The primary design aspects of our operating and monitoring systems are ergonomics and intuitive operability.

By migrating or virtualizing existing applications to new platforms, we secure your investments in the future.

With our visualization systems, we provide an optimal overview of your processes and a quick response in the event of deviations and malfunctions.

Used Systems:

  • Simatic WinCC
  • Simatic TIA
  • Simatic WinCC flexible
  • Simatic ProTool/Pro
  • Simatic Coros
  • InTouch
  • Factory Link
  • RS View 32

Our delivery spectrum includes the complete electrotechnical equipment such as feeders, low-voltage switchgear panels, converter cabinets and prime movers as well as commissioning and service.

Used Systems:

  • ABB
  • SEW

At a glance:

  • Support in preparing the risk assessment according to EN ISO 12100
  • Concept of functional safety according to EN ISO 13849
  • Checking the circuit diagrams for standard-compliant integration of safety-relevant components
  • Standard-compliant proof of the achieved performance level (PL)
  • Construction of safety-related control systems and switchgears
  • Creation and testing of safety-related software
  • Commissioning and validation according to EN ISO 13849-2
  • Creation of CE documentation

At IMR, safety applications are primarily implemented with controllers from the Simatic S7-F series.

Components for secure DP-DP communication and PROFIsafe technology are used for connection to the decentralized periphery.